Hannah Foxley
Founder, The Women's Wealth Expert and blogger, www.hannahfoxley.com

Hannah Foxley is 36 years old and lives in London, England. She’s already had breast cancer twice in July 2011 and March 2012 and has undergone lumpectomy, chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy. She finished her treatment in July 2012.

She used her experience as a catalyst for changing her life completely. She quit her job and started her own business The Women’s Wealth Expert (www.thewomenswealthexpert.co.uk) which specializes in giving financial advice to divorcing and divorced women, helping them to make informed decisions about their finances and ensuring that they feel confident and secure in managing their money in their new life. She has also written a book called The Wealthy Divorcee (www.thewealthydivorcee.co.uk) which guides and empowers women through the financial minefield of divorce.

She changed her lifestyle, abandoned her old destructive, party girl ways and opted for a clean, healthy lifestyle. She started to work on her inner world and repair some of the damage from the past. She looked and felt the best she had ever felt. She became an Ambassador for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and she shared powerful photos so that she could inspire other young women to see their bodies in a positive light. She even posed naked for the March 2014 UK Cosmopolitan magazine, a picture that was shared in the Daily Mail and The Huffington Post and inspired many.

Less than two weeks after her picture appeared in Cosmo, Hannah was rushed into hospital in agony and tests confirmed news worse than she could have imagined. Hannah has been diagnosed with stage 4, secondary breast cancer in both her liver and her lung. This is her third cancer diagnosis in thee years.

Hannah has realized though that conventional medicine alone is not the answer and healing this is going to take a mind, body and soul approach. She has decided that she wants to share her journey of healing and spiritual discovery through her blogs. She wants to help others as she helps herself. It’s time to open up and share her story. For someone whose default is to internalize and keep smiling and who has been a pragmatic, slightly cynical party girl, this is a deeply intense journey, but she hopes in sharing her challenges, she can help others face theirs and heal too. You can follow her daily blogs at www.hannahfoxley.com/blog