H. Caleb Simmons
Elected official, entrepreneur, advocate, blockchain journalist. All work is my own.

H. Caleb Simmons is a blockchain journalist, startup entrepreneur, and serial nonprofit board member. Caleb has experience in government affairs, startup consulting, and progressive advocacy of and on Capitol Hill, having led successful advocacy campaigns to pass legislation in Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; consulted startups from across industries as the Chairman of the Startup Founders' Group, and worked for senior Senate Democratic leadership in Washington. Caleb writes broadly on the dynamically evolving blockchain industry in New York across industries, promoting blockchain companies that empower consumers and level the playing field in terms of mutual value shared across communities through blockchain ecosystem construction, mobilization, and optimization for value. In his spare time, Caleb can be found playing squash in Midtown, cycling, or geeking out about all things blockchain and politics.

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