Himanshu Saxena
Thinker, Writer;Speaker & Expert on concepts - Strategy, Big Picture Innovation, Paradigm, Re-imagination, Leadership Development, Change

Himanshu heads Strategy Alignment, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching at TCS BPS. He is responsible for ‘making Strategy everyone’s Job, strengthening organic Leadership and driving culture of Innovation’. He has implemented Balanced Scorecard across, leading TCS for nomination to BSC Hall of Fame award. He was recognized as BSC Professional of the year 2012 by Palladium, Kaplan- Norton. He is a certified practitioner and an exponent of Blue Ocean Strategy. He has been a Business Coach for top-level leadership for programs such as Global Innovation Leadership at Tuck and Insead Leadership Program. As a coach, he advises the industry heads on Strategy, Innovation and Leadership Growth. Himanshu’s three most significant ongoing initiatives are expanding the ‘Imagination of the Organization’ developing ‘Strategic Thinking’ among Top Leaders’ and enabling ‘Big Picture Envisioning’. He excels in Scenario Planning, War gaming and Art of Questioning for future creation. Being an integrative thinker, with penchant for relentless execution, he operates at the intersection of Leadership, Strategy & Organizational Behaviour. He believes disruption is imperative for staying relevant.

Prior to TCS, Himanshu founded Mavrik, a consulting organization focused on Strategy, Leadership Development & Leading Change. The journey of entrepreneurship was preceded by significant tenures in United Nations International Staff (Chief People Officer in UN, Africa) and Military (Retd. as colonel). He started his career as an exploration Geologist before switching to the profession of arms. In his proven track record of 27 years, he has held significant leadership assignments in Strategy, Operations and Learning & Development. He holds Masters in Strategy, Geology and is an MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. An erstwhile Geologist, a military strategist, a UN Diplomat and a corporate leader, he has traversed contrasting domains with remarkable ease. He holds following accreditation:-
• Developing Global Business Strategy, Wharton Leadership Program
• Global Innovation Leadership, Tuck Business School
• Balanced Scorecard, Palladium (Kaplan – Norton)
• Blue Ocean Strategy, BOS Institute
• Leadership Architect & Hi-Pot Master Class from Lominger, Korn/Ferry International
• International Position Evaluation & Role Clarification, Mercer
• Crucial Conversation, Vital Smarts
• Certified Practitioner from Dale Carnegie
• Defence Services Staff College Wellington

He is a constant learner, practice-leader & a prolific speaker on Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Paradigms; Organizational Immunity and Organization Behavior. He regularly interacts with leading management thinkers at Rotman, Columbia, Tuck and Insead and various CEOs on thought leadership. He is regular speaker at Tuck Leadership Round-table, hosted at GE’s Crotonville, Bloomberg HQ and GE Digital Learning summit and many other global summits on leadership, strategy and innovation. He has been advising institutions such as Insead and Tuck on curriculum for executive education. With expertise in above disciplines and an innate passion for teaching, he leverages his experience and insights in following streams:-
• Big Picture, Reimagination and Staying Relevant
• Organization Immunity & Paradigm
• Leading Change and Building Organizational Innovation Canvas
• Blue Ocean Thinking & Strategy Formulation – White Space Capitalization; Creating New and Different
• Strategy Execution - Balanced Scorecard Implementation
• Leadership Development & Succession Planning
• Executive Coaching
Himanshu frequently writes for journals, blogs and magazines, internationally. Some of his published work includes:-
• Managing Paradox of Big Picture & Operational Precision, Ivey Business Journal.
• Three New Job Titles Every Company Needs But No One Has Yet, Fast Company.
• Organizational Immunity – Nemesis for Growth, Developing Leaders, UK.
• Reimagining Business and Arenas, CEO World Magazine.
• Leaders’ Quagmire in Driving Innovation amidst the Bounds of Strategy, Tata Corporate University Journal.
Apart from his interests in music, reading & writing, he has been a deep-sea diver and has done one of the deepest Bungee Jumping from Victoria Falls.