Ian Q. Rowan
Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer

A writer and filmmaker, Ian Rowan has always been close to the ocean. Rowan grew up with the whales of the Pacific Ocean and the dolphin of the Caribbean on a sailboat in central America with his family until he was twelve. A graduate of Vassar College, Rowan has since traveled the world seeking out stories that intrigue and images that evoke, but ultimately transcend, the foreign. Rowan’s writing and photography has appeared in Men’s Journal and Vice Magazine. He has previously worked with Academy Award winning documentarian Cynthia Wade. Rowan is currently a director and producer with Black Powder Works, creating music videos, short comedic films, commercials and impact oriented content for non-profits. He is the producer and director of the Feature Documentary film, 'The Narwhal's Wake.' The documentary tells the story of Jerry Natanine, the lone Inuit defender of 'the unicorn of the sea' in the face of climate change, oil exploration, and seismic cannon surveys that threaten to deafen and kill the narwhal of Baffin Bay.