Illya Szilak
Author, www.queerskins.wordpress.com

Illya Szilak uses open source media and collaborations forged via the Internet to create multimedia novels. Shaped by her experiences as a practicing physician, her artistic practice explores mortality, embodiment, identity and belief in a media inundated and increasingly virtual world. Her first novel Reconstructing Mayakovsky was selected for the second Electronic Literature Collection and was a jury pick for the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo in 2010, and at Filmwinter in Stuttgart in 2011. It is being taught in creative writing programs around the country as an example of new media writing. Her newest work, Queerskins, about a gay physician who dies of AIDS at the beginning of the epidemic, was officially recognized by the Webby's as one of the best websites in the category of "Net Art" and has been selected for inclusion in The Electronic Literature Collection (v.3). Currently, she is collaborating with Oscar Raby and VRTOV to create a virtual reality experience inspired by Queerskins. In addition, Atomic Vacation, an interactive, post-apocalyptic narrative installation housed in Google Earth landscapes will be published in late 2016.

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