Isaac Archuleta
Sexual and Ethnic Minority, Psychotherapist, Writer, Creative, Theologian, Activist, Foodie

Isaac Archuleta, MA, NCC, LPC (@iAmArchuleta) specializes in the interplay between gender, sexuality, spirituality, and relationships. Being an ethnic and sexual minority, professional clinician, and Christian Isaac works to address socioreligious mechanisms that mitigate psychological and spiritual development.

Isaac is the owner of iAmClinic, LLC and the Executive Director of iAmInstitute, both of which are based in Denver, Colorado. iAmClinic, LLC is a counseling practice devoted to educating couples, families, and individuals on the ways relationships deconstruct and the avenues by which they are repaired. iAmClinic, LLC also specializes in the LGBTQ community, offering couples therapy, individual work, and family therapy.

iAmInstitute works to create equality by deconstructing the mechanisms of religious and spiritual rhetorics that create and sustain separation between the LGBTQ community and religious organizations. It is a resource center for Christian parents of LGBTQ children, LGBT+ couples dealing with relational challenges, as well as helping integrate sexual orientation and spirituality.

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