Jackie DeHon, Ph.D.
Freelance writer

I am a freelance writer and an advocate of fair treatment for all people. I write and speak against injustice.

I sent my husband to college for eight years to earn his Ph.D, then birthed and raised our children. When they went to school, I did too. It took me 20 years to earn my bachelor’s degree (Housing and Interior Design) and a few more to earn my master’s (Communications). When my baby went away to college so did I. I moved to Illinois to work on my own Ph.D. when I was 49! For the first time in my life, I lived alone.

After completing my doctorate (Communications), I served as Regional Director of a federal program for the Louisiana Department of Education and taught in three universities. While teaching on the Semester at Sea ship I was seriously injured during a devastating storm. Semester at Sea is a floating university that sails around the world. Classes are held while at sea and field trips and assignments are carried out in ports.

After recovering from multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung, I did not have the energy to teach, so I had to retire. After my husband’s retirement we returned home to Texas where I write.

My first book is Prisms: Refracting Light of Women's Lives. I am a feminist and I have worked all of my life for equal rights and privileges for everybody. I am currently writing a quasi-fiction novel.

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