Jacqui Malpass
Writer, book coach & mentor, author

Jacqui has been described as enthusiastic, high energy, inspirational and fun. She is known as The Word Alchemist.

Jacqui likes to think of herself as your best supporting actress. Like many, she has learnt many lessons in this adventure called life.

She specialises in helping her clients find their voice, share their inspirational message and personal story through a book which enables them to rock their personal brand.

Her motto is live, laugh and love.

She is the author of 6 non-fiction books and is currently working on a new project The Conscious Woman Academy.

In the pot are:-
The Conscious Woman's Guide to Leading an Eve-olution. Steps to discovering your voice and inspirational message
The Conscious Woman's Guide to Leading an Eve-olution. Building a rocking personal brand
The Double Life of Dickie Quick (novel)
The puppy with no name (This is a short children's book that will be used to raise money for dogs)

When her fingers are not on the keyboard, she can be found walking, playing or cuddling her three furbabies - all rescues. Never a day goes by without a taste of dark chocolate.

Her mission is to inspire a million (or more) people to write in some way.