Jaime Rojo

Jaime Rojo, photographer, is the Co-Founder and Editor of Photography at the influential arts website BrooklynStreetArt.com (BSA), and regular contributor to Huffington Post Arts & Culture with over 700 photos published on the site since 2010. A ravenous urban documentarian and
recognized expert eye on the Street Art scene worldwide, his images have been published in more than 75 arts and culture websites, blogs, and magazines.

Author of two books, Brooklyn Street Art (2008), and Street Art New York (2010), both by Prestel/Random House, his images are published in numerous books; most recently including Street Art From Around the World (Hunter, 2012), Pantheon History of Art from the Streets of NYC (Feral and Manolo, 2011), Design By Nature (Macnab 2012), and the C215 monograph
Community Service (2011) and the upcoming monograph of Jef Aerosol in 2013. His fine art photographs have been shown in galleries and projected on the streets in New York and Los Angeles and auctioned at Phillips De Pury.

In addition to his photography Rojo has curated seven gallery shows in New York and Los Angeles, participated and led panels and presented his images during presentations at institutions including LAMoCA and the New York State Museum. He and BSA co-founder Steven P. Harrington will be featured in the upcoming book by photographer Enrique Pastor entitled
Brooklynites to be published in autumn 2013.

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