xxxJake Reinerxxx

Jake Reiner is a Los Angeles teenager who has time to share his objective opinions about his favorite Major League Baseball team, The Los Angeles Dodgers. He feels his voice needs to be heard by everyone that is interested in the Dodgers, to go beyond what the newspaper articles say. To clarify, he feels that his perspective really has meaning to the world of America’s Greatest Past Time. He is eager to share to the concerned and confused a little inside as to what should be happening to the L.A. Dodgers. He spends countless hours on the Internet trying to find answers to his beliefs. He looks at statistics, rumors, and articles anywhere he can find them to insure to himself that everything is going to be all right. A lot of the time he believes that the Dodgers are always making mistakes in their moves to what they think is the road to success. He thinks otherwise. Jake will always leave you wanting more, but also maybe feeling that your questions were answered.