James Baxley
Freelance Writer, Shelter Animal Advocate, Homeless Advocate

I am James Baxley. I am an American living in London.

Being a disabled combat vet who had deployed with the US Navy to the Middle-East, I not only experienced all the atrocities of war, but all the atrocities of returning from war . . . this really shaped my perspective on the world.

Journalism was an interest of mine as an undergraduate in college. I wrote for the college newspaper trying to stay away from the typical pieces of a small college newspaper.

I have a fairly unique life, I deployed to Iraq, I moved to London, I married when I was in my late forties, and became a father in my fifties. This has opened my eyes to experiences which have never even crossed my mind.

This, as well as culture and society in general is the focus my writings.

Check me out at my blog Trigger Warning! Thanks.

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