James D'Souza
Intrapreneur, writer and teacher of Business Studies, Economics and Psychology. Head of Sixth Form, and Head of Psychology.

I am a happily married man, working as a teacher, living in south west London (i.e. suburbia). My family originate from India, but my parents were born in East-Africa, I have a Portuguese surname, I was born here and brought up Catholic. Suffice to say, growing up was complicated; I never felt I truly fitted in. I’ve learned to be able to get on with anyone and honed a unique outlook on life.

Playing guitar and collaging are some of my favourite hobbies. Along with the reality-based martial art Urban Krav Maga. It keeps me on the ball as I approach the big four-oh.

Being a teacher is one of the funniest jobs you can do - but it’s also given me an insight into what teenagers deal with. It keeps me young, and I’m inspired by making a difference to people as they move into adulthood. Especially boys.

Starting a few years ago, the particular challenge my wife and I face is our fertility. I’ve found myself questioning my masculinity - and discovered that male fertility is an area that receives little or no attention or support. This means it’s something I talk about a lot!

Writing gives me the chance to open up the conversation and inspire people to take action.