Jamie Kantrowitz
Founder of Elastic Inc.

Jamie Kantrowitz is the founder of Elastic Inc. As partners to digital media, consumer brands and non-profit orgs, Elastic specializes in working with companies on their innovations in digital strategies, including branding, globalization and consumer engagement. A pioneer in the digital entertainment and social media space, Jamie has worked with thousands of brands and organizations to help them integrate, understand and leverage new technologies and connect them with young and saavy audiences. Jamie is also a partner with Think-Social, a 501c3 dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to help people and organizations leverage digital and mobile media and technology to solve critical global problems and create citizen impact.

Kantrowitz held various roles at Myspace from 2004-2009 based in Los Angeles and London. As the SVP of Strategy and Global Marketing for MySpace Music she oversaw the new venture’s programming, artist strategy, and consumer and product marketing. Prior to this role, as SVP, Marketing and Entertainment, International and as VP Marketing and Communications, Jamie played an integral part in MySpace’s expansion into 30 foreign territories and in leading the innovation around MySpace’s entertainment properties, including MySpace Music, Video, Film, Comedy and Fashion. Her passion for connecting people, brands with expression platforms stemmed from her time at Rock the Vote, where as Digital Director she built the organization's first digital tools and partnerships to help register over 2 million young people to vote and get engaged online and on mobile in the 2004 US Presidential election.

For her innovative work at MySpace, Jamie has been previously placed on Ad Age’s Top 50 Marketers and Billboard Magazine’s “30 Under 30 to Watch. She is an avid cook and loves to foodspot. You can follow her and the food she loves @jamiesk.