Jay W. Richards, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute

Jay W. Richards, Ph.D., is a Senior Fellow and Director on the Center on Wealth, Poverty, and Morality at the Discovery Institute. Between his roles as a contributing editor of The American at the American Enterprise Institute, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and research fellow and director of Acton Media at the Acton Institute, Richards has authored many books, including "Money, Greed, and God," "The Privileged Planet" and "God and Evolution."

In his new book, co-authored by James Robison, "Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late" (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group, February 2012), Richards urges people of faith and defenders of freedom to learn, understand and apply the universal principles necessary for healthy, effective government. By thoroughly explaining these principles and how they connect to our current public controversies, Indivisible shows readers how to begin the restoration of family, faith and freedom in both our culture and our politics.

Richards is the executive producer of several documentaries, including The Call of the Entrepreneur, The Birth of Freedom, and Effective Stewardship. He has a B.A. with majors in political science and religion, an M.Div., a Th.M., and a Ph.D. in philosophy and theology from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Richards resides in Seattle, Wash. with his wife and two children.