Jillian Dale

Film Critic, Film Producer

Jillian is a freelance journalist focusing on movie reviews and controversial social message pieces. In addition to writing, Jillian is an Indie film producer and has been instrumental in the production of five acclaimed films within the past three years, including Lionsgate release She Wants Me (2012) starring Josh Gad, Hilary Duff and Charlie Sheen and award-winning director, Rob Margolies. Her most recent sci-fi film, Omniscient, premiered at Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 and will be released on Amazon in late 2016. Jillian is writing a spec dramedy script and in various stages of development on several film projects. Jillian's experience as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army gave her good insight into the workings of the film production arena. She was one of the first few female officers to serve in a combat arms unit as a PATRIOT Missile Officer in the mid 1990s. Her military training and skills have proven essential in acquiring financing and dealing with the day-to-day challenges for her own productions. Additionally, Jillian produces an annual fundraiser benefit for the Spinal Deformity Endowment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in partnership with her actor/writer son, Alex Dale – who was diagnosed with Schuermann’s Kyphosis (a spinal deformity much like scoliosis and causing an extreme curvature) in 2010. Please visit www.BellaLuceProductions.com for more information and Jillian’s film review blog.

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