Jeanette Pavini
Coupons.com Consumer Savings Expert

Two time Emmy Award-winner and consumer savings expert, Jeanette Pavini has been providing consumers with money-saving tips they can use for more than a decade. Teaming with Coupons.com, Jeanette puts her expert feedback to use immediately with real world tips and advice. Jeanette Pavini is a personal finance columnist for MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal Sunday and contributor to the networks live shows. During her 10 years with CBS 5 News, Jeanette worked to investigate consumer injustices, to right wrongs, and provide up to the minute consumer advice to her audience. Jeanette Pavini's consumer savings tips have been featured on The Today Show, ABC Now, Oprah.com, NY Daily News, USA Today and more. Along with her advocacy work, Jeanette's most popular pieces were stories teaching viewers how to get the most value for their dollar, day in and day out. Her work investigating the wireless industry's business practices brought about a first of its kind settlement and restitution for California consumers, administrated by the California Attorney General.

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