Jeff Coryell
Artist and political activist

Jeff Coryell became well known in 2006 as the intrepid Ohio political blogger "Yellow Dog Sammy," attending countless campaign events and conducting in-depth interviews with scores of candidates to provide comprehensive coverage of Ohio's statewide, congressional, and state legislative races at his former location, Ohio2006 Blog, and in occasional contributions to national blogs such as DailyKos. After a brief respite in early 2007, Coryell resumed political blogging for another two years at Ohio Daily Blog, providing timely reporting and thoughtful commentary on Ohio politics through the 2008 election cycle. For the 2009-2010 election cycle he is the New Media Director for the U.S. Senate campaign of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. *** Coryell was called "one of Ohio's best and most responsible bloggers" by senior political reporter Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch, and Pulitzer-winning columnist Connie Schultz wrote in her book on the 2006 campaign, "... and His Lovely Wife," that Coryell distinguished himself as an "astute, sometimes newsbreaking, observer on Ohio's political scene." Coryell began his professional life as a successful private and government attorney, and subsequently earned a Masters in Fine Art degree and pursued a second career as an artist and art teacher. He lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with his wife and two golden retrievers, Sam and Stella.

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