Jeff Neuman-Lee
Author, "God With Us, the Biblical Message of Jesus"

Jeff Neuman-Lee, a local pastor in Denver, Colorado, has written about the meaning of peacemaking in the Christian context: God With Us: The Biblical Message of Jesus, Life in the Spirit, Not in Religion.

Despite having grown up in the conservative atmosphere of Park Ridge, Illinois, Jeff was taken by the Anabaptist thought found in the Church of the Brethren. Ordained by the Brethren, Jeff is working on the meaning of “peace” and how to create a description for how people may be at peace, using a variety of language bases such as psychological, cultural, developmental, and spiritual. Within each language there is its truth as well as its limitation. His take on the Christian Bible is that as it contains so many different forms of “language,” its only obvious “literal” interpretation must involve paradox and a non-legalistic understanding of life. The Biblical idea of idolatry may be restated as to confuse one’s “language” with the absolute truth of God.

He wants to create a place for dialogue, where the issues of being at peace can be grasped, and, perhaps, real lessons might be shared.