Jennifer Lea Reynolds
Writer, photographer and weight loss success story who prefers to see the glass half full.

Jennifer Lea Reynolds (formerly Jennifer Lilley) is a freelance writer whose content has appeared on Lipstick & Politics, BlogHer, The Budget Fashionista and NaturalNews.com. She currently writes a column for Model Aviation magazine and is a contributor for the health and wellness site, LoveLiveHealth.com.

Jennifer is also a 70-pound weight loss success story. She's been featured in Women's Health magazine and appeared in several popular consumer magazine ads since 2007. Her interest in healthy living, body image and recipes inspires others on her site, FlabbyRoad.com, which she runs. Jennifer's Facebook page by the same name also encourages others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

After living in New Jersey for more than 20 years, she now calls the Lakes Region of New Hampshire home. She enjoys photography and kayaking and admits to still having a thing for 80s music.

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