Jennifer Twardowski
Self-Love Coach, teacher, and writer. Founder of JenniferTwardowski.com

Jennifer is a self-love coach, writer, teacher, and spiritual mentor. She is the creator of Ignite Love from Within: Meditations for Creating Relationships and a Life Filled with Love.

Jennifer Twardowski is the founder of JenniferTwardowski.com, where her blog reaches over 100,000 views in 180 countries annually. Through her coaching and weekly blogs, she helps women improve their relationships with themselves, so that they can create lives filled with joy, love, support, and fulfillment.

Jennifer has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, BeliefNet, TinyBuddha, Elephant Journal, and more. Click here for her Free meditation Healing Blocks to Love.

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