Jess Kapp
Geologist at University of Arizona. Writer of memoir and fiction. http://jesskapp.com

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I studied geology at Syracuse University after being drawn to the adventure of learning about the earth with boots on the ground. After earning a MS in geology at Vanderbilt University and a PhD in geology at UCLA, I landed in Tucson, AZ. I taught high school math and science for two years, and have been a lecturer in the University of Arizona department of geosciences ever since. Two baby boys and ten years of teaching later, I am now the associate department head of UA Geosciences, and I teach introductory geology classes to hundreds of students every semester. My first book, a memoir about field adventures in Tibet, will be out soon. I also write fiction (short stories), and a blog on my website http://jesskapp.com. I am an avid proponent of journeying beyond our comfort zones – that’s where life begins!