Jessica Headley
Freelance reporter

Jessica Headley graduated from Birmingham Southern College with a B.A. in Political Science and an emphasis in journalism, vocal performance, and dance. Her early political career lent itself to non-partisan character education work where she was the first to pass character education funding in the Alabama State Budget and pass a bill, HB 673, through the Alabama State House reforming character education by the time she was 18. The City of Center Point passed March 21st as "Jessica Headley Day" as a way to thank her for her service to their community, and previous Alabama Governor Bob Riley passed a resolution commemorating her character education efforts.

After founding a non-profit character education and speaking with more than 150 organizations, Jessica became a political appointee from 2007 to 2008 at The White House presiding over the President's International and National Domestic Volunteer Missions including work with the Peace Corps, American Red Cross, celebrity philanthropies, and corporate volunteering initiatives.

She spent a year training in New York City and Los Angeles with Fox Network News. Subsequently, she reported for NBC Montana learning every facet of the news room before moving to Los Angeles to do investigative reporting on corruption in the state of California where she has worked with various national and local news outlets. She freelances as an on air live reporter with KUSI in San Diego, California.