writer, speaker, healer, mother

Jesua, pronounced “Jeshua”, serves the awakening and embodiment of love and truth in her roles as a writer, speaker, healer, and devoted mother of two children.

For the last 20 years Jesua has served in private practice as an intuitive, a shamanic healer, spiritual mentor, counselor, death doula and life coach. Most recently she is devoting her time towards honing her immense love for writing and speaking the truth, compelled to tell the daily medicine stories from her own life, that can in turn become medicine for you.

Jesua lives passionately inspired about invoking deepening consciousness in a myriad of ways. She is renowned for her down-to-earth presence, authenticity and humor, while speaking and writing from an eloquent depth of vulnerability and embodied wisdom. She is passionate about this choice we have to show up and cherish this fleeting lifetime; to make good use of it with discerning and generous hearts.

Jesua's presence serves to inspire the realization of surrender, trust, courage and grace; illuminating and grounding the Love we truly are. She lives to cultivate within herself and everyone she meets the humble wisdom to embrace all of life as medicine, and to be the healing we seek in the world.

To contact Jesua, or see more of her offerings, visit Jesua.com

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