J'Mia Edwards

Originally from Charlotte, N.C., J'Mia Edwards moved to Washington D.C., in 2005. Ms. Edwards is 29 years old and the proud mother of three: Ja’Waun (10), Terry (8) and Arianna (3). Edwards became an AIDS advocate after becoming infected with HIV in 2005. Since then Edwards has been an outreach worker with The Women’s Collective; an HIV tester and counselor with Community Education Group, which has allowed her to work in the community and educate others through speaking, counseling, conducting HIV 101 sessions, FC2 condom and and venue-test venue based testing. Edwards is affiliated with a number of HIV/AIDS organizations, including Housing Works, DC Fights Back, PWA Committee, DC Delegation Committee, Ryan White Planning Council, Pediatric HIV/AIDS, and The Family Ties program. Edwards has spoken to congress members about the importance of HIV/AIDS and housing. She is also featured in the documentary The Other City which follows her as she struggles to find housing for her family.