Joanne Dagonese
Innovative thinker, mother, grandmother, professional substitute teacher, singer-songwriter, blogger, certified hypnotist,"edu-tainer"

Firstborn of five, Joanne is a first generation Italian-American, born to Frank and Frances Dagonese. Her launching "pass" into 20th Century Earth was El Paso, Texas, November 12, 1956. However, Joanne grew up in Buffalo and Rochester, New York, from 1957 to 1975. After completing her first year in college, she relocated with her family to Long Beach, California.

Joanne's philosophizing nature led to an undying spiritual quest that continued to evolve and transform her life as a wife (twice married and divorced), mother of five, nanna of nine, and as an educator. Now an aspiring author, "edu-tainer" (in Comedy Stage Hypnosis) and off-the-record motivational speaker, her signature style seeks to evoke some form of emotional response from her audiences through the use of satirical humor and wit.

While she still gathers life stories triggered by synchronicity and para-unusual experiences, Joanne balances and "re-normalizes" her daily life by engaging in a variety of activities that indulge her creative passions. Depending on the day, the month or the season of the year, she finds satisfaction through any of the following expressions: creating vegan recipes, sewing and crafting accessories for home decorating, creating aesthetic and functional space in tiny places, blogging, singing, song-writing, hypnosis training, ballroom dancing and travel adventures.

Another form of entertainment in which she can literally lose herself and her emotions is in the world of cinema, as she finds clues in and extracts life lessons from nearly every movie she watches. That has also tied into a direct result of her major paradigm shift in 1995: the surfacing of esoteric skills and innate knowledge, such as in numerology, lexigrams and anagrams (some of which she later learned had tied into ancient mystical practices of finding messages hidden in language and numbers). Some of her discoveries for which she has been credited can be found on

Joanne has performed as a vocalist ever since her adolescent years. Following high school musicals and choirs she has intermittently played and sung as a soloist and with classic rock and church bands for indoor and outdoor concerts, weddings, funerals, memorials and special events. Her passion for singing and song-writing is expressed by experimenting with a range of genres as she writes lyrics based on her life experiences, intended to empower others facing similar challenges. Her originals and cover songs can be seen and heard at her virtual venue, her You Tube Channel, JOriginalMuse.