Joe The Nerd Ferraro
Husband, dad, computer nerd

Joe the Nerd Ferraro is a husband, dad, computer nerd, and a general pain to the local government in Audubon, PA.

The 50-year-old father of 3 kids has been blogging under Joe the Nerd since 2006. His business has been around since 2000, FindANerd.com, is fixing computers (hence the "Nerd" title). He is looking to get his tag line back from the plumber guy.

For decades The Nerd has been in and out local politics, helping good people of all stripes get elected; writing databases for candidates, and helping neighborhoods solve problems when the local government is behaving foolishly.

Joe gained national recognition during President Barack Obama's appearance on Michael Smerconish's radio show, when he asked Obama about health care reform, saying "I'm getting a little ticked off that it feels like the knees are buckling a little bit. We have overwhelming majorities in both the House and the Senate. And we own the whole shooting match. And I'm just getting...It's very frustrating to watch you try and compromise with these people who aren't willing to compromise with you."

The Nerd has also coached any sport the kids have been involved in from baseball and basketball to soccer and lacrosse.

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