Joel Gagne
Owner, Allerton Hill Consulting

Joel is the owner of Allerton Hill Consulting, a leader in communications & marketing for schools and public entities. Allerton Hill Consulting has a reputation on helping public entities secure positive outcomes from an ever weary public. It is also becoming a leader in social media's impact on public education.

Joel offers a range of experience in politics and has been involved in political campaigns at every level and even abroad for more than 25 years. This includes work on multiple presidential campaigns, the Irish Parliament, mayoral campaigns, and campaigns for the US Senate and governorship. It also includes serving in public office as an elected official.

Joel graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, while he was there he worked as co-op in Capitol Hill and the White House. He also attended Harvard University for graduate studies. He also completed program work from Harvard in conflict resolution and from the University of Chicago in creative writing. Joel has worked throughout the country as part of his political work. Currently he is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Michigan and has conducted a round table at the University of Dayton.

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