John Saul
Bestselling author

Every year, for 35 years, John Saul published a New York Times—National—International Bestseller. Millions of his books are in print worldwide and are published in 29 different languages. Year after year he was a lead author for Random House/Ballantine Books.

John is also the author and creator of THE BLACKSTONE CHRONICLES, a serial novel published monthly for six months. For the better part of a year it appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. The award winning and popular computer/video game BLACKSTONE CHRONICLES: An Adventure in Terror followed, and is still being talked about and played around the world.

As well as being a thriller writer, John is also a playwright. His plays have been produced in Hawaii, Seattle and Los Angles.

Mr. Saul’s work has appeared on television, been developed for feature films and games, and has been performed on stage. A proponent of new media since its inception, Mr. Saul was one of the first mainstream novelists to have a presence online and he continues to explore how new technology can enhance the story telling experience.

Now, having retired from the trenches of traditional publishing a few years ago, he’s decided to air his views on all kinds of topics through a new blog, “What Am I Missing Here” on The Huffington Post.