John Sims
is a multi-media political math artist who creates across the areas of mathematics, art, text, performance, and political-media activism.

John Sims, a Detroit native, is a multi-media mathartist artist, creating projects spanning the areas of mathematics, art, text, performance and political-media activism. His main projects are informed by the vocabulary of mathematical structure, the politics of sacred symbols and poetry as ally to the visual arts. The works have ranged from hanging the Confederate flag in Gettysburg (2004), to making a system of MathArt quilts with Amish quilters (2008) to the current planning of turning NYC into a clock, to organizing a 13-state burial of Confederate flag on Memorial Day 2015. Sims has curated more than 15 mathematical art exhibitions including the exhibition/film project, Rhythm of Structure: Bowery and Beyond which featured over 75 artists and poets. He is currently completing, Recoloration Proclamation, 15 year multi-media project featuring: an exhibition of recolored and hanging Confederate flags, a multi-state flag funerals, a play, a documentary film and a CD with 13 black music versions of the song "Dixie."

He has lectured and exhibited and his work has been featured in Nature, Art in America, Sculpture, BOMB magazine, Transition, FiberArts, NYArts, Science News, CNN, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. He lives and works in Sarasota, Florida.