Jonathan Agin
Childhood Cancer Advocate

Jonathan Eric Agin, JD, is the Executive Director for the Max Cure Foundation and a co-founder, Institutional Official, Development Liaison of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. He is the Cancer Knowledge Network Childhood Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Section Co-Editor. He has testified before the United States Congress on identity theft against children with cancer. Jonathan's 27 month old daughter Alexis was diagnosed with DIPG in April 2008. He's appeared on & in: Huffington Post Live, NPR, ABC Nightly News, local Washington, DC news stations, Bloomberg Business Week, Taxanalysts, ABC News Online, and many other news publications. Jonathan resides in Falls Church, VA and has four children, Alexis (1-31-06 to 1-14-11), Gabriel age 7, Trevor age 4 and Kylie 2 years. Jonathan maintains his own website for his advocacy activities: www.jonathanagin.com and can be followed on Twitter @jonathanagin.

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