Jonathan Kim

Gentleman farmer, film critic for ReThink Reviews

Jonathan Kim is an independent film critic. He writes and produces movie reviews for ReThinkReviews.net, which focuses on the political aspects of current and past films. He is a regular guest on Cenk Uygur's Air America/XM radio show, the Young Turks, where Jonathan discusses movies and the political issues raised by them. Jonathan has also made appearances on MSNBC, Uprising Radio, Radar Online and Meet the Bloggers.

Jonathan was formerly a Co-Producer at Brave New Films. He co-produced and sometimes edited the Fox Attacks video series and blogged for the bravenewfilms.org and foxattacks.com websites under his nom de guerre, DJK. Jonathan was also an associate producer on BNF's latest documentary, Rethink Afghanistan. Before joining Brave New Films in May of 2007, Jonathan worked as a ranch hand on a small ranch in Santa Barbara wine country, where his duties included general maintenance, gardening, and tending the ranch's goats, zebras and chickens. During his three and a half years there, Jonathan also produced and directed a series of anti-recruitment ads and several documentaries with the Santa Ynez Chumash tribe. Prior to that, Jonathan attended the Vancouver Film School and worked as a copywriter and hand model for the Sharper Image. Jonathan also does stand-up comedy in Los Angeles.

email Jonathan at: ReThinkReviews@gmail.com