Juan Rangel
CEO of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)

Juan Rangel is the CEO of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), Chicago’s largest Hispanic community-based organization. Since becoming CEO in 1996, Mr. Rangel has sought to refine UNO’s mission to honor immigrant roots and values, challenge Hispanics to reach their full potential, and facilitate their assimilation as our nation’s newest Americans.

Under his leadership, Mr. Rangel has successfully opened nine charter schools, eight in Chicago and one in New Orleans to support the emerging Latino community in Louisiana. Mr. Rangel opened UNO’s first charter school, Octavio Paz Charter School, in 1998, successfully demonstrating that all children can learn given an environment of high expectations and accountability for students, faculty and staff.

Mr. Rangel has also established the Metropolitan Leadership Institute, which seeks to identify, engage, and cultivate successful leadership among Hispanic professionals.