Julia Fang
NASA Earth and Space Sciences Graduate Fellow, UCLA

Julia Fang is an astronomer, planetary scientist, and graduate student at UCLA where she is a NASA Earth and Space Sciences Graduate Fellow. The focus of her research is the study of interactions in multi-body systems: rocky asteroids with moonlets, icy dwarf planets with satellites, and multi-planet systems orbiting stars other than our Sun. She works at the intersection between observation and theory, and she actively publishes papers and is a peer reviewer for professional journals. When not actively exploring the universe, in her free time she posts about planetary-related news on her Twitter account, enjoys public outreach as part of the award-winning "Astronomy Live!" group, and works on educational curriculum development for non-major astronomy courses at UCLA.

Julia was born in New York. She moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was six, where she grew up in a sleepy suburb called Walnut. For college she attended Northwestern University and majored in physics, and after graduation she moved back to Los Angeles to attend graduate school at UCLA.