Kara Mulder
International Flight Attendant. Curious Creative. Adventuress. Dreaming at www.theflightattendantlife.com and www.wishesnwaterlust.com

Kara Mulder is an International Flight Attendant, writer, and entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business, and began her career as a flight attendant upon learning that the professional world was unwelcoming for marketing graduates. Now, she deals with a different array of sometimes unwelcome challenges in her airplane office, events of which she colorfully portrays via the website that she founded called 'The Flight Attendant Life.'

Her writing has been featured on EliteDaily, ThoughtCatalog, GoCabinCrew, CityHook Blog, LA Airspace, The Flying Pinto, in The Bakersfield Californian, as well as other publications. Kara's goal is, through story, to use her voice and platform to inspire individuals to live wildly adventurous lives.

Her main hobbies are kite boarding, cycling, writing, and recovering from jet lag. She is currently based on the East Coast, and calls Hermosa Beach, California home.