Karin Lippert
KLPR/Media, Communications Strategist, Feminist

Karin Lippert has been at the forefront of developing new marketing and media strategies for writers, producers and political activists working to change the national conversation on social and political issues and to move issues forward since the 1960s - including working on every major woman’s issue that is supported by a majority of the population today.

Her strategies dramatically increased book sales for authors and ratings for television programs. She produced the first national media and lecture tours for authors while working at Doubleday & Company, and this strategy was a core component of the successful outreach, visibility and growth of Ms. magazine in the ‘70s. At the time, Ms. magazine’s writers and editors became national spokespeople on a wide range of issues - women’s reproductive rights and health, the ERA, child care, domestic violence, sexual harassment and others. And, Ms. became an ad hoc resource center for national and international media and women’s organizations.

In addition to Doubleday & Company and Ms., she was at the helm of promotion, publicity, events production for the Wonder Woman Foundation at Warner Communications, DC Comics. Inc., the DONAHUE show and Pozner-Donanhue program and was at Protocol Entertainment as Marketing Director for The Saddle Club book and television series. She had her own New York-based public relations company in the ‘80s and worked with a range of publishers and magazines, including Ms.

She has been involved with women’s rights, children’s education and advocacy organizations since the beginning of her career - from the Child-Care Action Coalition to the current anti-bullying campaign initiated by Marlo Thomas in partnership with the Ad Council, AOL, Facebook, government agencies and others.

And from the beginning of the Second Wave of the women’s movement, she has worked with its visionaries and leaders including Kate Millett, Dr. Phyllis Chesler, Judy Chicago, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and many others.

In Canada, she has worked with broadcasters, production companies and digital media producers. She continues to work with popular authors, including Suzanne Braun Levine, the first editor of Ms. magazine and author of books on women 50+, and award-winning children’s non-fiction author Doreen Rappaport, as well as with online sites for boomer women and girls.

She served on the Board of Trustees of the Poughkeepsie Day School, was co-founder of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center’s Leadership Program for Girls, was a founding member of Human Rights Watch Canada and is on the Board of Democrats Abroad Canada/Toronto. She resides in Toronto.