Kasia Jamroz

Leadership Coach and Creative Art Coach, Personal Transformation Advocate, Provocateur, Global Citizen and Traveler, Himalayan Climber

Enabling others to discover possibilities and advance in their own pursuits. A passionate champion of personal achievement, constantly improving and transforming own life as a living proof and testimonial of what’s possible. Ripping off the restrictive chains of “should have’s” and “what if’s.” Kasia coaches CEO’s of global companies to help them learn to communicate, deliver clarity and create a meaningful vision for themselves and their organizations. Leveraging her proprietary The Six Pillars of Complete Human Capital Management Strategy™ framework, Kasia works with Fortune 500 corporations creating the foundations of results-driven teams to transform into Highly Performing Results Driven Organizations. In order to truly disconnect and get recharged, Kasia climbs the Himalayas challenging 20,000ft+ summits across Nepal.