Katherine Starr
Founder and President, Safe4Athletes; Former Olympic Swimmer

Having been an Olympic swimmer who endured sexual abuse during the entire course of her 10-year career, with no resources available to help her, Katherine founded Safe4Athletes in 2011, with its official launch in January 2012.

Katherine Starr showed promise since her first stroke and began Olympic training at the age of 11. She continued to excel as a swimmer and competed on the 1984 and 1988 Great Britain Olympic Team. In 1986 she won two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games. Katherine experienced success at the collegiate level: swimming for the University of Texas, participating on three NCAA championship teams and being a 14-time All-American.

By applying the lessons learned through competitive swimming, Katherine’s professional career blossomed, alongside her athletic achievements. Katherine gained a prestigious and solid business background in the corporate world working with Softbank/Mobius Venture Capitalist (original investor in Yahoo!), AOL Time Warner, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, and Honeywell, among others.

The world of swimming created another unexpected area of interest for Katherine: it sparked her passion for film and television production. As a successful Olympic swimmer, she made many television appearances and spoke with the press throughout various stages of competition, giving her a taste for media. She has gone on to direct and produce commercials for Conoco Philips, Elite Sports Technologies, Wonderland, as well as directing and producing documentary films on such subjects as substance abuse and legal ethics.

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