Kati Reijonen
Single mom, writer, blogger and a not-always-so-mindful meditation teacher.

Dr Kati Reijonen is a design educator and thinker, writer, blogger and a meditation teacher. She is a mother of three grown up kids. She has worked on three continents and in seven languages.

Kati, the design educator became Kati, the meditation instructor, when Life gave her challenges that could not be solved with the usual methods. The search for answers led her to the ancient wisdom traditions. She learned that this wisdom is in par with modern neuroscience. The human brain is the most mysterious organism in the Universe.

Following her idol, the designer, inventor and mystic Buckminster Fuller, Kati wants to broaden the perspective of good life. Her mission is to empower people by reminding them of their infinite power. World peace begings with inner peace.

Kati lives in Helsinki, Finland. She has just published her first book in Finnish. "Lyhyt Matka Perille” is about meditation, life and love. Her business www.nollaus.fi raises awareness of mindful living and develops services that make meditation accessible even to people who are sceptical about spirituality.

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