Kellan White
Co-Director of the New Leaders Council, Philadelphia Chapter

Kellan White, a Philadelphia native, comes from a long line of public servants, but he is making his own path and working to represent the interest of Philadelphia’s youth and young adults. While working as the youth director with the Christian Street YMCA, Kellan realized that his purpose was to recreate a Philadelphia that children and families who live here can and should be proud of. During his tenure as youth director, he learned that many young people and their families felt disconnected from the elected officials who they chose to represent them.

Outside of his work with NLC, Kellan serves as the Community Engagement and Special Project manager for Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. Kellan also serves as a board member of PhillyCore Leaders, a member of the Mt.Airy Schools Coalition and was recently named one of LEADERSHIP Philadelphia’s Connectors and Keepers.

One of Kellan’s proudest accomplishments is the creation of the Pattison Leader Ball with his wife Nicole. The Pattison Leader Ball is the first event of its kind to celebrate young, politically-minded and civically engaged people in Philadelphia during the annual PA Society weekend. Unlike other PA Society events, the Pattison Leader Ball is nonpartisan and takes place in Pennsylvania.

Follow him on twitter @KellanWhite.