Kelli Cooper
Writer, law of attraction coach, digital nomad, student of the Universe

Kelli Cooper is a blogger, law of attraction coach and digital nomad. Since 2011, she and her husband Ryan, have been traveling the world, calling all sorts of tropical locales home, from Bali, Indonesia to Phuket, Thailand

She has always had a passion for personal development and she started her blog Life Made to Order to share the insights she has gained on her own journey, in the hopes it will help others make positive change in their life. She also loves sharing her wisdom nuggets through her podcasts. and books.

Her study of the law of attraction was the linchpin in truly creating the life she wanted, and Kelli is very passionate about educating people about this often very misunderstood concept through her blog and coaching.

By learning how to become a deliberate creator of her reality, she overcame all sorts of obstacles, from depression to financial troubles, and is now experiencing a life she never would have thought possible.

Knowing our true power is a game-changer and she looks forward to the continual creation of all manner of awesomeness, and helping others unleash their powerful creators within.

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