Kelsey Flanigan
An actor with a passion for writing, a lover of life whose cure for any ailment is a good laugh

Tackling life’s hurdles one sarcastic comment at a time, Kelsey Flanigan has never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. Whether that be canyon jumping in Switzerland, an ‘accidental’ Sriracha overdose or an acting audition. Flanigan has already tackled some of life’s big adventures like backpacking through Europe & Southeast Asia, stand-up comedy and now this NJ native is ready to dive head first into her fight against brain cancer. Reporting from the front lines of waiting rooms to her very own bed she delves into this big unknown and shares her perspective on tackling cancer & the new life it brings on - just like it were any other adventure.

She values health, comedy, film, acting, music & stalking vegan food trucks. Her personal blog www.greymattersandmusings.wordpress.com is where her voice began on all the previous topics (minus the stalking, that is soon to come).