Kimberly Collins, MBA
Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader, and Mindset Alchemist

Kimberly Collins; internationally known as The Educated Natural. She is dedicated to teaching business women and men how to broaden their global customer base using thought leadership strategies and personal development mechanisms. Additionally, Kimberly is the CEO of Sown On Purpose, an MBA Graduate, Business Strategist, Mindset Alchemist, Inspirational Speaker, Talk/Radio Show Host, former U.S. Army Soldier, and Youth Mentor. Kimberly loves working with business women that are innovative go-getters ready to create a business that positively impacts the world. She also helps women connect the dots in their life and business; which helps to alleviate their self-imposed poverty mentality. So if you are ready to soar amongst the eagles and take your business to higher heights then contact Kimberly today!