Kimberly Krautter

The Anti-Coulter

A southern fried iconoclast and Atlanta native, Kimberly Krautter is The Anti-Coulter. She blogs about the intersection of public communications and public policy with a side order of musings on pop culture.

For two decades, Ms. Krautter has been a strategic communications consultant to Fortune 500 and emerging industry companies as well as a freelance journalist published in business magazines in the U.S., U.K. and France. Her social commentary has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She also had two lifestyle series published in Atlanta magazine.

Ms. Krautter came to popularity with early blog "The Body Politic". In 2003-2005 she was also the editor-in-chief of “Taking Root” an e-newsletter published by Grassroots For America and read by nearly 40,000 members of the progressive grassroots community. Known for being staunchly anti-wing nut, Ms. Krautter believes, "Liberal is not a four-letter word, for that matter neither is Conservative, and solutions are found in the 'Sensible Center' where people are eager to speak with each other instead of just being heard."

Kimberly Krautter is currently authoring a major journalistic work titled Foreclosure on the Fourth Estate: How spin-fluence and info-tainment killed the American newspaper. Follow her on Twitter here.