Kimberly Oliver Burnim
Senior Curriculum Adviser, Early Learning Academy

Kimberly Oliver Burnim is a Senior Curriculum Advisor for Early Learning Academy, a comprehensive educational website for children age 2 through kindergarten.

Ms. Burnim began her teaching career in Montgomery County Public Schools in 2000. Determined to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children, she chose to teach at Broad Acres Elementary, a culturally and linguistically diverse school in Silver Spring, Maryland. She values high quality early childhood education and advocates for young learners. In 2004, Ms. Burnim achieved National Board Certification as an Early Childhood Generalist. She currently serves as a teacher trainer for the district.

Kimberly Oliver Burnim has received numerous awards, and in 2006 she was named the National Teacher of the Year. Following a year as a full-time education spokesperson and advocate, she went back to the classroom as a full time teacher, and is also a teacher trainer for her district. Ms. Burnim also continues to speak to groups nationwide, sharing her story, advocating for students as well as teachers, and spreading her enthusiasm for education.