Kipp Stroden
Kipp is the CEO of Essential Living Foods, a beyond-organic superfood importer dedicated to the health of the planet, its people, and their communities. Kipp regularly visits our partner farms around the world

Kipp L. Stroden is the Chairman, Product Architect and CEO of Essential Living Foods, a leading organic superfood importer, distributor and retail brand based in Culver City, CA.

Kipp Co-Founded BeON Holdings, owner of Essential Living Foods and continues to oversee the company’s product development strategy. He holds a passionate vision for magnifying wellness in the world and for developing socially responsible organic food infrastructure globally. Since joining the company in 2006 Kipp has been one of the pioneering entrepreneurs that have driven the growth of the multi-billion dollar RAW, Organic, Superfoods industry.

Kipp regularly embarks on sourcing adventures to exotic and dangerous locations across the Earth, searching for the most nutrient dense botanicals and to develop intimate relationships with farming and indigenous communities throughout South America, Asia and Africa.

His company continues to spearhead growth in this category as the industry leading, social-impact brand. Mr. Stroden drives growth for this fast growing brand selling the highest quality, most nutritious, cutting-edge, sustainably-farmed functional foods on the market while continuing to focus on making measurable positive impact on the quality of life in small farming communities around the world.
He remains dedicated to creating a better world for future generations and improving the quality of life on Earth. Mr. Stroden graduated with a BA in Economics from Skidmore College.