Kristina Cowan
Journalist. Wife of a Frenchman. Mother of two. I write about education, women's issues, and grief. Visit me at kristinacowan.com.

Most children bring toys into the bath, but I took pencils and paper, and wrote stories. Historical fiction about pilgrims celebrating the first Thanksgiving in the New World. Most 5 year olds borrow library books from the kids' section. I wandered over to the grown-up science section, and took home something on Prosimian biology. I wanted to see the world beyond the rusty fringes of Cleveland, where I grew up.

I got the chance when Northwestern University accepted my college application. I graduated from the School of Speech, and returned after a few years as a graduate student at Medill. Journalism degree in hand, I chased stories in Washington, D.C. There I worked as a full-time reporter and editor, and stayed for almost eight years. I covered education, and later, energy policy on Capitol Hill.

As a workaholic I felt at home in the Beltway's frenzied corridors. But when the chance came to purse freelancing full-time, I seized it. I’ve since returned to the Windy City, and now I'm a mom.

My latest projects include writing about postpartum depression and other mood disorders, grief and loss, and launching several writing-critique groups in the Chicago area.

I live in the west suburbs with my husband and two children.

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