Kristine Maudal & Even Fossen (Brainwells)
Founders and Partners, Brainwells

After years of holding leadership positions at various companies like Apple Computer, Warner Bros., and Philips, followed by a period with successful entrepreneurial activities, Even Fossen and Kristine Maudal met in a common passion for unleashing the inner strengths of an organization. Today they are partners at Brainwells, a company focusing on improving the corporate world, working internationally with ambitious top executive teams and corporations. Their goal is to help create profitable and emotional intelligent organizations, where the culture works as a strong enabler for the strategy and vision. Fossen and Maudal both hold business degrees from the US., live in Norway, and work all over the place. A blend of the Scandinavian approach to a happy working life and the US way of innovative thinking creates the fundaments of their philosophy. Follow their blog www.leadershipcouragefun.com or get more info here: www.brainwells.com
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