Laura Stein
Laura Stein is Founder and President of Eat Healthy Your Way and a bestselling author.

Laura Stein is founder of Eat Healthy Your Way, a workshop that helps people lose weight and feel great. After a career in advertising and the beauty business (Vogue, Benton & Bowles, Grey, Elizabeth Arden and Chanel) she developed Eat Healthy, aka "the Bloomingdale's diet," because so many of their executives were successful on the program. The Bloomingdale's Eat Healthy Diet became a bestseller. Laura spent 10 years helping thousands of men and women lose weight and make lasting changes.

Eat Healthy Your Way updates the original program, focusing on Effective Appetite Training (EAT) and teaching each participant how to personalize, both of which are key to keeping weight off. She currently holds sessions in East Hampton, NY and will soon publish a book on the program and offer a webinar. To learn more: