Laura Tunberg
Digital Content Strategist at We Get It Consulting

Ms. Tunberg is a Senior Entertainment Executive who in 2008 launched EM Syndication, a startup that focused on large underserved markets in the on-line video delivery space. She has recently returned to her consulting firm, We Get It, where she is a Principal Partner. We Get It Consulting specializes in bridging the gap between content & technology. Prior to that, she was a Vice President of Intellectual Property Enforcement at MGM Studios. Ms. Tunberg has an extensive background in legal and government affairs in the entertainment industry. She is an expert in intellectual property law; she has a deep understanding of new technology; she played a key role in lobbying efforts in Washington DC on entertainment related issues and developed 2004's federal copyright-reform legislation (ART ACT). She was instrumental in getting MGM V. Grokster off the ground-it eventually went to the Supreme Court and the Court ruled 9-0 in favor of the major studios.