Leilani Carrasco Smith
Lifestyle blogger,DIY-er, cat-lover, keyhole gardener, kombucha addict and a person most likely to eat your leftovers.

Leilani started blogging in 2010 as a way to share her adventures in fixing up a foreclosure on a tight budget. Since then, her blog, Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith, has evolved into a site where readers go to find tried-and-true recipes, strategies on gardening in hot, dry climates and budget-friendly DIY projects that utilize what readers may already have on hand. Leilani has been a Texas Certified Master Gardener and a Taste of Home Field Editor since 2013. She also enjoyed 15 seconds of fame on the Rachel Ray show as a participant in the Top Ten Recipes of 2011 episode.
When she's not digging dirt out from underneath her fingernails, Leilani is writing. Or eating nachos. Or teasing her cats. Or practicing her yoga headstand. Or eating nachos.